What is IBUK Libra?

IBUK Libra is the best online reading room in Poland, created on the initiative of the PWN Scientific Publishers. It has been operating continuously since 2008, providing access to a constantly expanding database of legal, reliable sources. The platform includes electronic scientific publications, specialized publications, academic textbooks, monographs and educational resources (dictionaries, encyclopedias, etc.) from the portfolio of the PWN Group S.A., which has been operating on the Polish market for more than 70 years.

IBUK Libra received in 2023 a prestigious award in the Polish Emblem „Teraz Polska” Competition and thus was among the best Polish products, services and innovations.

The collection includes items from PWN, PZWL, and 400 other publishers. Academic textbooks in 43 scientific fields, are among the items available. The extensive scientific publications offer is supplemented by tens of thousands of popular science and fiction titles.

IBUK Libra - a modern platform for education and development

Quick and pleasant access to knowledge. For everyone

The service is available 24 hours a day, from anywhere, logging in on a device connected to the Internet. In this way, you can get the necessary information without having to leave home. The platform allows not only reading books, but also advanced work with text. It also gives access to additional PWN educational resources - the Dictionary of the Polish Language and encyclopedias.

IBUK Libra is a trustworthy partner that actively supports the process of deepening knowledge and improving skills at different stages of education and development.

These values ​​have been appreciated and confirmed with the „Teraz Polska” emblem, i.e. in a competition that has been selecting and rewarding the best Polish products and services for over 30 years . This is an extremely important milestone for the platform and the culmination of 15 years of its existence. The emblem, which is understood by consumers as a symbol of trust, the highest quality and national origin, is a reason to pride and confirmation of the credibility of the knowledge and services provided by IBUKA Libra.

IBUK Libra resources can be used with:

Computer iconComputer
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IBUK Libra does not require the installation of special software and is fully secure for the user's device. Catalogs are available in any web browser.

What sets us apart

The IBUK Libra platform is used, among others, by the largest academic and public libraries, scientific institutes, state institutions and private companies throughout Poland. The service is available to everyone - all you need is a PIN or to log in in through the library/institution's system (to the HAN/PROXY/VPN server). The collections can be used via a web browser, so there is no need to install any additional software.

The platform is perfect for reading textbooks or monographs. Publications contain full original content. Additional functions available after logging in make it easier to work with the text, because thanks to them you can, among others, create notes, mark selected passages or insert bookmarks. The PWN Polish Language Dictionary and the PWN Encyclopedia are integrated tools, thanks to which it is possible to check, for example, the definition or correct notation, at any time. Automatic citation is also a huge convenience, especially useful when writing a thesis, article, etc. A useful feature is also the ability to share a selected passage via a link.

After logging in, the reader gains access to a personalized myIBUK account. It serves as a virtual bookshelf where they can gather all the materials they need, creating a clear list of publications. At the same time, special functions greatly facilitate reading, as they allow free navigation, including zooming in/out, scrolling or adjusting the page layout. As a result, the text is correctly displayed not only on the computer screen, but also on the displays of mobile devices.

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24/7 access
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Tens of thousands of titles
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Flexible selection of resources and easy launch of the platform.
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Quick preview of full texts
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Personalized publication catalog (myIBUK account).
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Tools for working with the text
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Useful applications, including the PWN Language Assistant
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Simple, intuitive operation
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Access also on mobile devices.
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Access to OXFORD PWN dictionary1,000,000 English and Polish meanings, phrases, idioms

Our values

PWN has been seen as a source of reliable knowledge since its inception. For more than 70 years we have supported the development of science and education, providing access to the best publications and scientific materials. We actively participate in shaping the present and future. We use modern technology and participate in the process of widespread digitization and digitalization. We pursue innovation goals, cooperating with numerous universities, publishing houses, foundations and other institutions.

We adapt to current trends and the expectations of our audience, developing our existing areas of activity, as well as creating new solutions. The IBUK Libra service is just one of them - the first Polish online reading room, developed since 2008, gives the opportunity for legal, friendly use of knowledge to the widest possible audience. On top of that, it is constantly evolving, adapting to users' expectations. In this way, we support libraries and universities, providing digital tools to modernize the resources of these institutes as well as increase their accessibility.

We are eliminating barriers to accessing educational content. Anyone who uses the resources of a library that has IBUKA Libra can benefit from the possibilities provided by our platform. You don't need a special reader to browse the service, as all you need to do is run it in your web browser. We are committed to ensuring that everyone can gain knowledge in a simple, user-friendly way.

What are the benefits of access to the IBUK Libra platform?

IBUK Libra is a tool that can be successfully used in various situations. It provides valuable support during work and study, and can also be a source of entertainment, as the virtual book collection also includes fiction items. At the same time, the platform can be used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Instead of staying in the reading room for hours, you can take it everywhere with you in virtual form.

The use of the IBUK Libra service is also fully legal. What's more, its existence limits such practices as photocopying or scanning publications. You can work freely on the digitized text, just as you would on a paper version or a digital file. After purchasing an additional option, you also gain the ability to print selected excerpts.

The service is perfect for, among others:

  • learning;
  • writing a thesis/article, etc.;
  • creating syllabuses for pupils/students;
  • developing passions;
  • improving one's qualifications;
  • preparing presentations, training sessions, workshops, etc.;

IBUK Libra is all about:

  • quick, easy access to reliable sources;
  • saving time and money;
  • quick, easy access to reliable sources;
  • saving time and money;

See what our Ambassador, Dr. Justyna Berniak-Woźny, says about the advantages of IBUK Libra

Adding to the shelf
Adding to the shelf

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