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I am interested in a particular e-book - how can I access it?

  1. Search for a library with access to the selected e-book:

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    • click on the e-book that interests you;
    • a library search engine will appear in the window; use it to search for a library with access to the selected e-book;
    • access its collections in one of the three ways described in the instruction above;
  2. Suggest that your library buy the e-book:

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    • click on the e-book that interests you;
    • click on the “SUGGEST BUYING” button.

System requirements

The IBUK Libra catalogue, together with a quick content preview, works in any web browser. There is no need to install any additional software.

  • a browser that supports the HTML5 standard.
  • an Internet connection with a minimum bandwidth of 512 kb/s (2 Mb/s is recommended).
  • the website uses cookies and JavaScript.

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Your myIBUK shelf

The my IBUK shelf enables convenient reading of e-books and advanced work with text. The function is available to all logged in users - just create an account on the IBUK Libra website.

Book selection
Click on the book of your choice at IBUK Libra
Adding to the shelf
Once you have selected your book, click on the ADD TO THE SHELF button.
Adding to the shelf
Newly added books will be flagged.