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IBUK Libra is a collection of about 30 thousand e-books

You can use them on your computer, smartphone, or tablet, in any place with Internet access, at any time.

The Website is intended for anyone

The only condition is to have access to the book collection. This can be done in three ways.

Accessing e-books

Create an account on libra.ibuk.pl.

Search for and choose a library in your area with access to the IBUK Libra resources.

This can be a public library or a university library (if you are a student).

Some private organizations (universities, companies, etc.) may not be listed. In such a case, contact the organization and find out whether it has access to IBUK Libra collections.
Once you have created an account and selected a library, you can access e‑books in 3 ways:
The access methods may vary depending on the library selected. After selecting the library, a screen with available options and possible additional instructions for the selected library appears.
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Some libraries enable quick registration without leaving home. Once you have selected such a library, you will see an enrollment form. Fill it up.
Ask the library to provide a PIN code for IBUK Libra website.
The library may require that you first get a library card.
Enter the PIN you received on the libra.ibuk.pl website.

Once you have entered the PIN, you will have access from your myIBUK account to all e-books in the library's collection.

You can use the collections of different libraries simultaneously from one account. However, you must first assign the PIN codes from all the selected libraries to your account.


I am interested in a particular e-book - how can I access it?

If you are interested in a particular title, but it is not available in the collection of your chosen library, you can:

  1. Search for a library with access to the selected e-book:

    If you don't log in:

    • click on the e-book that interests you;
    • a library search engine will appear in the window; use it to search for a library with access to the selected e-book;
    • access its collections in one of the three ways described in the instruction above;
  2. Suggest that your library buy the e-book:

    After logging in:

    • click on the e-book that interests you;
    • click on the “SUGGEST BUYING” button.

System requirements

The IBUK Libra catalogue, together with a quick content preview, works in any web browser. There is no need to install any additional software.

myIBUK shelf requirements

  • a browser that supports the HTML5 standard.
  • an Internet connection with a minimum bandwidth of 512 kb/s (2 Mb/s is recommended).
  • the website uses cookies and JavaScript.

IBUK Libra recommends the latest versions of browsers

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