"Creativity and Innovation in Business and Education"

Libra identifier: 154700

Table of Contents

Introduction 8

Creativity and innovation in business 10

Maciej Malarski – Diverse management, creativity and innovation 12

Wiktoria Czarnecka, Karolina Dąbrowska – The essence and conditions of creativity in modern organizations 22

Beata Glinkowska – Innovations in the sector of small and medium enterprises (SME) 32

Kalina Stadnik – Creative leadership 44

Aleksandra Olejniczak – Does a creative leader develop successful organisation? – The way of leading by Richard Branson 62

Anna Magiera, Jolanta Religa – Open badges, creativity and successful leadership 72

Natalia Stobiecka, Dominika Szyjkowska – Creativity as a determinant of shaping the career path 82

Creativity and innovation in education 92

Jolanta Religa, Tomasz Sułkowski – Innovation laboratory as a creativity stimulating environment 94

Agata Rudnicka-Reichel, Janusz Reichel – CSR education in the light of active pedagogy. Research results 104

Aneta Pawłowska – „Why do we need art history?” In the 21st century – in the context of the 20th century history of the discipline 114

Alicja Ryczkowska – The use of music in promoting creativity 126

Olga Hucko – Termination of auto narration as a creative thinking process 134