"Power Shifts in East Asia and Their Implications for Asia–Europe Relations"

Libra identifier: 208392

Table of Contents

Karol Żakowski, Bartosz Kowalski, Introduction 7

Changes in Balance of Power in East Asia 11

David A. Jones, Hanzhen Liu, Tensions Along the Western Pacific Rim of East Asia: Obstacles or Opportunities? 13

Paweł Behrendt, South China Sea – A Multifaceted Conflict 39

Kamer Kasim, Power Shift in Taiwan and Its Implications on Cross-Strait Relations 51

Evolution of East Asian Economies and Societies 69

Mirosław Jurdeczka, Transition Economy of Vietnam: A New Horizon of Opportunities 71

Eunwon Yi, “Enemies of the People” in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea: The Political Meaning of Human Rights Violations Against Them 93

Natalia Zajączkowska, The Caste System in Contemporary Indian Democracy 117

Shift in Asia–Europe Relations 131

Marsela Musabelliu, The Man with a Dream and a Plan: Xi Jinping, the “Chinese Dream” and the Belt and Road Initiative 133

Jeremy Garlick, China–EU Energy Security Cooperation: The Case for Renewables 145

Mateusz Smolaga, Multilateral Development Banks as Instruments of EU–Asian Relations 159

Hongfei Gu, Can Asymmetric Relationships Work Together? A Quantitative Approach of “16+1” Cooperation Mechanism 187

Karol Żakowski, Values or Interests? Japan’s Relations with European Countries under the Abe Administration 213