"Prace Naukowe Uniwersytetu Ekonomicznego we Wrocławiu 63/10. Differences in the use of municipal bonds"

Libra identifier: 228541

Table of Contents

Part 1. Economics and Finance 6

Hadryjańska Barbara: Differences in the use of municipal bonds by rural municipalities across the Polish territory 8

Magdalena Janiszewska: Evaluating taxpayers’ attitude in the new tax environment 20

Aleksandra Koźlak, Barbara Pawłowska: Mobility-as-a-service for improving mobility in smart cities – a comparative analysis of selected cities 32

Agnieszka Moskal, Danuta Zawadzka: Duration of commodity funds opera-tions in Poland and their effectiveness 48

Bogumiła Mucha-Leszko: Catching-up process and public finances of Czechia and Hungary compared with Austria and the Netherlands in 2000-2018 58

Marzena Piszczek: Targeted grants allocated from the state budget as a source of financing local government investments 75

Katarzyna Smędzik-Ambroży, Marta Guth: Common agricultural policy versus economic and environmental sustainability of agricultural farms in Poland 87

Katarzyna Smolny, Małgorzta Gałecka: Criteria affecting the audience numbers in performing art organizations 97

Katarzyna Twarowska: Determinants of the deterioration in China’s public finances in 2005-2018 115

Marcin Wołek, Katarzyna Hebel: The quality of life in Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning. The case study of the Polish city of Piotrków Trybu-nalski 130

Part 2. Management and Quality Sciences 146

Jadwiga Adamczyk: The quality of non-financial information in the perspective of data disclosure 148

Maciej Dębski, Hanna Górska-Warsewicz, Teresa Skalska: Family-based brand equity in the hospitality industry 162

Ewa Hącia, Aleksandra Łapko: Staff training for the purposes of marina management 177

Jolanta Mirek: Prediction of consumers’ satisfaction in the area of spa services with the application of the method of multiple regression 188

Barbara Oliwkiewicz: The impact of capital from experience on the value of an employee’s fair remuneration 208

Wanda Patrzałek: Between consumerism and deconsumption − in search of a new model of society 222

Ewa Wszendybył-Skulska: Motivating hotel employees in Poland 236