"Studia Iuridica, nr 90"

Libra identifier: 276153

Table of Contents

María Aránzazu Novales Alquézar – A review of the liberal theory of justice: Women’s invisible contributions to family 9

Dobrochna Bach-Golecka – Motherhood and law: Reflections on human rights provisions and selected judgments of the European courts 24

Paolo Bianchi – La prova della incapacità psichica al matrimonio (can. 1095) quando la parte convenuta non collabora all’istruttoria 58

Cezary Błaszczyk – Jineology: Kurdish “feminism” in the doctrine of democratic confederalism and the political system of the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria (Rojava) 74

Nathalie Duval – The French Federation of Eclaireuses: A female movement where any little French girl was to be comfortable 99

Daniel Dylewski – Feminism and the right to life 111

Mary Evans – Getting dressed or why feminists should take this question seriously 124

Marie A. Failinger – Sexual harassment in a university setting: Searching for justice and compassion in an unjust and indifferent world 136

Dariusz Mańka – At the origins of feminism: Ideas of Olympe de Gouges in the context of radical egalitarian doctrines of the French Revolution (1789–1794) 152

Katarzyna Szymala – Work as care, care as work: The contribution of Eva Feder Kittay and Sibyl A. Schwarzenbach to the understanding of work’s value 174

Gülriz Uygur, Nadire Özdemir – To overcome gender inequality in legal education: Ethical awareness 185

Joseph H.H. Weiler – Love and marriage: Revisiting patriarchy and matriarchy in biblical narrative 204

Wojciech Załuski – Evolutionary theory and feminism 221

Renata Ziemińska – Intersex newborns and people with nonbinary gender identity: The beginning of legal recognition 236