"Studies in African Languages and Cultures. Volumen 54 (2020)"

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ARTICLESJoseph McIntyreTransitive L-verbs (grade 2) and transitive H-verbs(grades 1, 4, 5, and 6) in Hausa verbal compounds 9

Rasmus Bernander, Antti O. Laine & Lotta AunioThe numeral system(s) in Western Serengeti: Formal, functional, and historical inferences 35

Pius W. AkumbuReflections on a community-based approach to writing grammars of endangered African languages 71

Nominal suffixes as markers of information structure in Basketo 97

Salim A. Mohamed & Erasmus A. MsuyaEnglish phonological errors by Kimakunduchi speakingEFL learners in Zanzibar 121

Sabina BrakonieckaIslamic martyrdom in northern Nigeria 143

Berhanu Asaye AgajieImages of Amhara women in oral poetry 163

(Patryk Zając) 181

Massimo Villa, Filologia e linguistica del testi gəʿəz di età aksumita: Il Pastore di Erma. (Studi Africanistici. Serie Etiopica 10). Napoli: UniorPress 2019, 285 pp. ISBN 978-88-6719-178-9 (Marcin Krawczuk) 188