"Sustainable development"

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Introduction 9

Mirosława Czerny, Ciro Alfonso Serna MendozaI. Understanding and implementing the conceptof sustainable developmentEco-accounting: a vision for “the Care of the Common” from the thought-feeling perspective 15

Ciro Alfonso Serna Mendoza, Eutimio Mejía SotoEcosystem services as determinants of poverty 23

Hanna Orjuela, Duván RamírezBio-accounting recognition approach of agronomic properties in Brachiaria humidicola pastures under a Silvopastoral System in the humid Amazon tropics 38

Víctor Julio Balanta Martínez, Ciro Alfonso Serna MendozaII. Regional issuePeace, healthy environment, and autonomy. Agroecological practices as transformation alternative in Colombian rural Andean communities 57

Diana María Rodríguez-Herrera, Luisa María Achicanoy Gómez, Aida Milena García ArenasEnvironmental governance in south-central Caldas, a reflection on public policy for risk management 66

Jaime Mejía GutiérrezInfrastructure megaprojects observed: “the Grid” and “the Prophecies” 78

Paweł WiechetekDeterminants of the intensity of environmental conflicts in Latin America. Statistical perspective 89

Maciej KałaskaIII. Urban issue and sustainabilityMegacity Buenos Aires and its most recent conurbation impact 101

Gustavo D. Buzai, Claudia A. Baxendale, Eloy Montes GalbánUrban conflicts over the space. The case of Manizales, Colombia 114

Mirosława Czerny, Andrzej CzernyFunctions of public space and virtual space – a post-pandemic scenario 127

Dorota ManteyRevitalisation and adaptation of cities in Poland. Inconsistent processes 147

Agnieszka Dudzińska-Jarmolińska, Karolina ĆwiklińskaDiscount trade in big city space – development or regress of a phenomenon? 164

Magdalena FuhrmannArchitecture styles in the process of spatial nationalization on the example of interwar Bydgoszcz 177

Vegetation and ‘Biophilia’ from architectural design 189

César Alejandro Vargas EsperónThe appropriation of public space in the Gasca community. A battered star 203

Alejandra Ojeda SampsonIV. Sustainability, social issues, governanceSocial and territorial inequality in Colombia 213

Luis Alfredo Muñoz Velasco, Sylwia KulczykRural youth and migration. Lessons learned in times of pandemic 231

Claudia Jurado AlvaránCitizen electoral participation for Colombian sustainable development 243

Hernando Gil Tovar(Dis)ordered bodies: gender and territorial planning in La Celia, Risaralda, Colombia 262

Juan Camilo Betancur JaramilloCitizens, territory and disaster risk: a complex relationship for participation in Colombia 270

Tulia Elena Hernández Burbano, Javier Gonzaga Valencia HernándezV. Nature and conflicts over sustainable developmentIntegral diagnosis and conservation strategies for the Otomí Mexica Park of the State of Mexico. A systemic analysis on protected natural areas 281

Jesús Gastón Gutiérrez Cedillo, Luis Miguel Espinosa Rodríguez, Daniel Villegas MartínezObjective six of sustainable development 2030: characterization in hydrosocial territory in the south of the State of Mexico 295

Alan Noe Jim Carrillo Arteaga, Jesús Castillo NonatoIndustrialization of the Amazon, a dialectical antagonism 309

Yuri Sandoval Montes, Gema Elvira Rios AraníbarHeat sources in the Eastern region of Bolivia between 2000 to 2019 317

Guillermina Miranda TorrezTrade trends in cyberspace before COVID-19. The case of online commerce in Mexico 336

Martha Cedillo Alonso, Francisco Monroy Gaytán, Rodrigo Huitrón RodríguezCOVID-19 in Mexico. Space-time behavior from the socio-spatial constraints, February–October, 2020 349

Marcela Virginia Santana Juárez, Giovanna Santana Castañeda, Luis Ricardo Manzano Solís, Noel Bonfi lio Pineda Jaimes, Rebeca Angélica Serrano BarquínFacing sanitarian crisis: between sustainability and compatibility 361

Water management: environmental and social impacts of dam construction 368

Bruna Angela Branchi, Cibele Roberta Sugahara, Denise Helena Lombardo FerreiraEconomic valuation of flood control ecosystem service in natural wetlands. State of the art 376

Christian Alejandra Vidal Sierra, Ciro Alfonso Serna Mendoza, Coral Jazvel Pacheco Figueroa, Gloria Yaneth Flórez YepesVI. Education about and application of sustainable development Earth science in education and its purpose in liquid modernity 389

Ciro Alfonso Serna Mendoza, Diana Sofía Serna Giraldo“How were we supposed to know?” – the problem of embedding education for sustainable development in the learning process. Examples of New Zealand, France and Poland 400

Małgorzata KleinEqual access to education as an aspect to serve Mexico vulnerable population by 2020 411

Agustín Olmos CruzDo SDGs have a transformative power? 2020 Human Development Report The next frontier. Human development and the Anthropocene as a new perspective to viewSustainable Development Goals 422