"Przegląd Socjologiczny t. 61 z. 4/2012"

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Table of Contents

LIST OF contentsEditorial 7

Fritz S c h ü t z e – Policy Suggestions Regarding Support of the Work of EuropeanCivil Society Organisations 9

to research European public opinion 77

Jakub Ryszard S t e m p i e ń – Use of the “Principal-Agent” model in the processof investigating and analyzing representative democracatic systems 99

Camila P e n n a – Participation and Land Reform in Brazil: tracing connections betweenbureaucrats and social movements 123

Magdalena W i e c z o r k o w s k a – Medicalisation of a woman’s body – a case of breasts 143

Martine Legris R e v e l – Bred or wild participation? 173