IBUK Libra is an excellent way for a publishing house to gain an additional distribution channel. The popularity of digital literature continues to grow due to its easy accessibility and widespread digitization. Millions of users have used the portal in recent years, and there is still a clear upward trend.

The process of exporting e-books is very simple, as it is done through the iFormat panel, which is intuitive to use. PWN offers favorable cooperation rules and a transparent billing system. You also have expert support at every stage.

Publishers making their offers available can get help assigning DOI identifiers, allowing the publication to be easily reached online. The address directs you to the e-book on the site if you provide the DOI number in your iFormat book profile.

vCooperation with IBUK Libra not only allows the publishing house to be perceived as being more modern, but also helps it gain more trust among authors and increase the credibility of its publications.

IBUK Libra for the publishing house:

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Tick iconlarge range - 2.3 million users used the portal in 2021,
Tick iconconvenient distribution - the dedicated iFormat panel allows for the easy export of e-books,
Tick icontransparent rules of cooperation - transparent billing system (the more e-books, the greater the income),
Tick iconprestige and modern image - publications will be included in the offer, which includes more than 400 top publishers,
Tick iconthe possibility to give publications a DOI identifier - greater visibility for books.

For the author

IBUK Libra provides tremendous support for researchers, scientists and book authors. The very fact of cooperation with the PWN Group increases the credibility and prestige of the publication. Moreover, its terms are extremely favorable and transparent.

The service allows you to reach a larger audience, which helps increase recognition. Scientists especially care about reach, as it contributes to increased citability. Their publications can reach more than 600 libraries nationwide thanks to the platform.

Authors, by the way, will receive support in obtaining a DOI address. This digital ID is slowly becoming a standard for articles posted in databases (e.g. Scopus or WoS) and scientific monographs.

It increases visibility on the web, as it helps to reach the publication easily - in this case it will direct you to the e-book in IBUK Libra. It also makes it possible to track citations by other researchers, such as within the Crossref ecosystem.

IBUK Libra for authors:

A chance to reach as many readers as possible - e-books are available to users for free, around the clock, without the need for special hardware or software,
assistance in obtaining a DOI identifier - the ability to easily redirect interest to online publications,
prestige and increased credibility - cooperation with one of the largest publishing houses in Poland, alongside more than 400 well-known publishing houses,
favorable contract terms and a transparent billing system,
If you are interested in publishing your monograph in PWN, you can find more information on our Publish with PWN website

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