The IBUK Libra platform includes more than 51,000 titles from nearly 400 publishers. Institutions that have purchased the ability to use the resources of the service (libraries, universities, companies, etc.) select a specific collection of titles and make them available to users. Each reader, after obtaining a PIN code or logging in via HAN/PROXY/VPN, can read the content of given e-books via a web browser.

IBUK Libra for readers is:

Image of a laptop and a smartphone
Tick iconfree, round-the-clock access to scientific, popular science and fiction books, without having to leave home, easy-to-use
Tick iconeasy-to-use online service, accessible via computer, smartphone and tablet,
Tick iconpersonalized myIBUK account, making reading and working with text easier,
Tick iconthe possibility of expanding the resources of the public library, university library, company library, etc. (requesting a specific item using the 'Suggest purchase' function).

For male and female students

IBUK Libra as an online reading room greatly supports learning and development. Not only does it give easy, free access to textbooks and other materials, but it also allows you to work with the text. The platform makes your studies even more enjoyable - you don't have to spend hours in the library, photocopy materials for classes or borrow books from friends. On top of that, instead of a heavy bag or backpack, you just need to carry a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

The service allows you to get the necessary publications even at the last minute before an exam or lecture, and using it does not strain a limited budget. The time and money saved can be used for studying... or enjoying the delights of student life!

The lack of funds in one's account or trouble with the availability of books in libraries does not need to be an obstacle in acquiring knowledge - it is worth studying to the fullest, reaching for the required and additional materials. No more spending a fortune on photocopying and excuses for not being able to get a book for class!

IBUK Libra for students is:

24/7 free and legal access to subject literature - a wide selection of textbooks, studies and other required publications, including those often unavailable in libraries or other repositories, such as books from the PWN and PZWL offer,
a modern tool for working with text - facilitating reading, studying, as well as writing class papers and diploma theses (including notes, selections, bookmarks, intra-text search, copying and sharing passages, automatic citation),
access to the PWN Polish Language Dictionary and the PWN Encyclopedia - possibility to check e.g. definitions,
remote learning assistance - the ability to obtain the necessary materials without going to the university or library, as well as access to sources in Polish even on a student exchange abroad,
saving money - a convenient alternative to buying or photocopying items.

If an item is unavailable in the library's resources, simply make a request through the 'Get access / Suggest purchase' function.

For the lecturer

IBUK Libra is a functional tool in the daily work of an academic teacher. The platform gives access to publications that can become the basis of syllabuses for prepared classes. In addition, it can provide extremely useful support in conducting lectures and exercises (also in remote form).

The modern form of the service meets the expectations of representatives of the younger generation, preferring digital ways of interacting with the text and obtaining the necessary content. Problems with the availability of materials can effectively demotivate preparing for classes, so lecturers should participate in the promotion of alternative sources of knowledge. By engaging the audience to actively participate in a discussion, a friendly space for the exchange of ideas is created, encouraging not only the performance of assigned tasks, but also independent reflection, exploration and even research.

The possibility of using the latest, recognized publications in various fields supports the achievement of educational goals, and at the same time, individual academic career development. The platform can be an important part of academic life for all its participants.

IBUK Libra for lecturers is:

Easy access to teaching content - a wide selection of academic textbooks, studies and other publications,
Support in preparing and conducting classes - facilitating the transfer of materials to students (including the ability to send links to selected excerpts),
An alternative to photocopying services - any student, regardless of budget, can get the content they need and derive knowledge from it
A modern tool for working with text - the ability to use notes, selections, bookmarks, in-text search, copy and share passages, automatic quoting, etc.
Support in the development of an academic career - access to the latest titles from the world of academia.

In a situation where an item is unavailable in the university library's resources, simply make a request via the 'Get Access' function.

For the professional man and woman

IBUK Libra supports professional and scientific development by providing valuable professional and scientific publications in many areas. It provides a modern, multifunctional tool for, among others, doctoral students, researchers, entrepreneurs or specialists in many fields.

The service provides access to up-to-date knowledge and reliable, verified data from anywhere, anytime. It allows not only to expand horizons, but also to acquire the necessary information quickly. It is extremely useful for home office work, as it will enable you to access the publications you need remotely. It helps to carry out detailed analyses and research with the support of useful tools for working with text, such as marking passages, notes or automatic citation, among others.

The platform can also play an important role in the process of retraining or reskilling. Up-to-date publications, such as the latest research results, help you develop your career in a new direction and take on new professional challenges.

IBUK Libra for professionals includes:

Access to the best, up-to-date scientific and popular science items - a source of proven, reliable, latest data,
Opportunities for personal and professional development - a convenient, easy way to enhance your knowledge,
A wide selection of educational and workshop publications - support in conducting original training sessions, classes, etc..,
A useful tool for remote work or home office - 24/7 access to essential content anywhere,
Opportunity to increase the reach of scientific papers and research results - authors receive DOI numbers, which improve the visibility and citability of papers.

If the selected title is not available in the resources provided by the library, company or other institution, make a request through the 'Suggest purchase' function.

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